About Me

After several years solving issues and anticipating needs in the hospitality industry, I'm trading one form of creative problem solving for another and embarking on a new career in tech. I couldn't be more excited to use the practical skills I've developed in this dynamic and challenging field.


  • Kitchen Companion

    Front-End Capstone

    Kitchen Companion is an application to assist a restaurant kitchen with inventory management by creating a grocery list to which all members of the kitchen staff can add items. Admin users can manage suppliers and a database of orderable items. They can also log orders from the grocery list, which are then sorted by supplier and date and able to be marked 'received'. Other features include employee management and full CRUD functionality. The app was built using React.js and styled with Semantic UI and CSS, and all data is stored in a JSON database.

  • Nutshell

    Group Project

    Nutshell is a dashboard-style application built first using vanilla JavaScript and CSS and then using React.js with Bootstrap. It allows users to save events, news, and to-do lists, add friends, and create and view messages. I was responsible for the events section, where users can add, edit, and remove upcoming events. All events are sorted by date, and the user's next upcoming event is dynamically highlighted.

  • Keahua Arboretum

    Group Project

    Keahua Arboretum is a command-line application to track maintenance of plants, animals, and habitats in an arboretum. The purpose of the project was to practice reading and debugging an inherited code base and to implement multiple inheritance and interface classes in Python. I was responsible for the biome section of the application, which allows the user to annex new habitats for their arboretum. Each habitat inherits from an environment parent class and contains duck-typing methods that check for unique attributes in plants and animals to determine their viability in the habitat.



JavaScript React.js HTML 5 CSS 3 Git Python Django NPM SQLite Postman Semantic UI